Monday, January 30, 2017

Monday, Monday...January 30th

1. Tonight Game Prep - Donnie, Peyton, Potts, Bennett, Josh, Cody, Ian
2. Tomorrow Game Prep - Carly, Precious, Seth, Hunter, Joe, Cody, Landon

  • Decide roles and responsibilities
  • Write game script, share with Winkler
    • JV sapphire write up goes in script for halftime 
    • select contest for end of 3rd and halftime
    • choose commercials to play at 1-min timeouts, sponsor PA reads every other 30-second TO alternating with music

3. Spike It Up Graphic due end of class tomorrow - Precious, Cody
4. Faculty Showdown interviews due end of class tomorrow - Cam, Josh, and anyone else not working on something!!!!

This is NOT a complete list of what we are currently working on, only those items that take priority today. Please help your team and lend a hand if you are not specifically assigned to something! Other items that you can work on are listed below:

  • Need a person to be the Blue Jay mascot for a photo on Friday at 7:50am. It comes with free donuts and a free t-shirt.
  • Continue working on the delivery method for Baseball challenge game.
  • Write up what changes we want on the RISE app to send to Emily, the app administrator.

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