Monday, February 27, 2017

Monday, February 27


  • RISE Homepage Approval
  • Sign up for Class 2 Quarterfinals 
  • Winter Sports Personal Reflections - due TODAY
    • Score yourself for the winter sports season on each of the 4 categories from the Evaluation Rubric: Sponsor Interaction, Event Participation, Professionalism, Use of Class Time.
    • Describe evidence that supports the score you have given yourself on each of the 4 categories (task lists, promo tracking, # of worked events, sponsor emails, projects)
  • Spring Sports Promotion Meeting - due THURSDAY
    • Come up with a project to promote spring sports in teams of 3-4
    • Prepare a 1-2 minute presentation on your project for Friday's meeting
    • Follow the Spring Sports Project Guidelines to develop your project & presentation.
    • Example: Seth, Carly, Precious and Clayton are leading the Spring Sports Photo Shoot project with Coach Schneider. 
  • This Week At-A-Glance
    • Monday: Winter Sports Reflection
    • Tuesday-Thursday: Spring Project Research & Presentation Prep, Evaluation Meetings with Mrs. Havermann or Coach Schneider
    • Friday: Spring Sports Promotion Meeting

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