Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Thursday, December 7

If you do not know what to do with your class time today, refer to yesterday's post. I will give you a few hints and additions below:

-Sports 2 step up and volunteer to learn how to do something like create buttons, write scripts, load music, etc. The interns will gladly show you how.

-Interns delegate some of your responsibilities. We are stronger when we work as a team. Also, revisit the executive board document to refresh yourself on the duties of all parties including the support team.

-The storage closet in the FH concession stand drastically needs to be cleaned out and organized. Be a leader.

**EVERYONE-- Type a paragraph summary of what you did today to be productive in class. If you were not productive, explain why. Saying that there's "nothing to do" is unacceptable. Title it "Last Name Productivity" and share with Havermann and Howard please.

Wednesday, December 6

  • Joe and Josh need to write game scripts for 12/12 and 12/15 by end of class on Thursday. I want to look over them on Friday so we can start running through them with crew on Monday 12/11. They need to show a non-senior the script writing process too.
  • 3rd hour needs to sign up for next week's events. We are severely understaffed. I have sports 1 kids signed up for both events but we need sports 2 kids in the booth and on social media for sure.
  • Interns were supposed to assign 3-4 people to creating t-shirt designs for the Staffmark wrestling meet on 1/9. Designs must be submitted by Friday 12/8 because I have to turn them over to the company owner on Monday 12/11.
  • Ian and Precious are responsible for getting the 48 KC Classic slides done by end of hour today because I have to train the JV Sapphires coach after school on using the buttons. They also need to get a sponsor scroll button completed by Friday so it is ready to roll for run throughs starting Monday. A non-senior should be part of both of these processes.
  • Ian and Precious are responsible for confirming all sponsor logos and PA reads are correct on video board. I still think we're missing a couple of logos. This can be delegated out to a non-senior very easily. 
  • Precious and Ian need to load the 1998 highlight video for Coach Stirtz by next Wednesday. Take a non-senior with you and show them how to upload and install videos on the tricaster.
  • The team assigned to girls swim and wrestling have sponsor featured events on 1/9. Wrestling is sponsored by Staffmark and Girls Swim is sponsored by Minsky's. These teams need to come up with an in-game contest and promotional graphics before break so their 5-day promo plans can be put in place immediately after the break. 
  • Landon and Cameron are responsible for promoting the 12/12 wrestling meet on all 3 social media platforms every day starting today. It is a Slim Chickens sponsored event and they have all the promotional materials premade from sports just has to be pushed out. They also need to send 2-3 commercials to Derryberry for KLHS.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Tuesday, November 28


  1. SWOT Analysis Lesson
  2. Mascot Drawing
  1. Game Script
  2. Social Media Promotions - Slim Chickens
  3. Install Girls Bball headshots on Show Control

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Monday, November 27


1. Read feedback on sponsorship assignment #1 regarding potential signage opportunities for new sponsors. Identify which of the 3 mediums you will focus on first and create a T-chart of pros and cons for the selected medium.
2. SWOT Analysis lesson
3. Sign up for events

1. Executive Board Meeting
2. SWOT Analysis lesson
3. Lead Sports 2 in weekly team meeting to sign up for events, discuss graphic guidelines, etc.

Monday, November 20, 2017


This is the first assignment in the sponsorship project that will take place throughout the remainder of the year. Today, your assignment is a written summary showcasing what areas of the fieldhouse and stadium could be used in future sponsorship deals. It's due before you leave for Thanksgiving break!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Thursday, November 9


-Update the 2017-18 PA Reads document for your sponsor. If your sponsor is keeping the same read as last season, please add them to the list and indicate "no changes" for Mr. Winkler.
-Communicate with your sponsor that their PA read for this season has been confirmed. If you made changes, make sure they know that. If it stayed the same, make sure they know that. Mr. Winkler will begin recording the PA's next week.
-Get your 2 weekly sponsor promos done

-Find 1 or 2 artifacts from the fall season that you can use in your portfolio. Start a document or even a portfolio using blogger to keep track of them.

-Vote on first round positions for the executive board