Saturday, January 20, 2018

Monday, January 22

Game Day Prep: Carly, Seth
  • Megan, Kage, Charlie M, Hunter, Chayton, Schuele, Drake -- meet with Seth and Carly to review Monday's script and do a game day run through in the field house
  • Use the Event Checklist to make sure you cover everything

Logistics: Cody, Landon
  • White Board Meeting
    • Review this week's events and assigned crews
    • Review weekly projects and erase anything that's completed
    • Jacob Lang use a random name picker to select your RT prize winner. Make sure to get a picture if it's a student and you deliver it today.
    • Remind Mazz and Peyton of their ongoing projects. We missed last week's athlete spotlight.
    • Assign a team to meet with Coach Brewer about the George Hoover tourney tomorrow
    • Assign a team to researching what we can give FH sponsors in place of football banners
  • Sponsor Night Planning
    • Make a list of all the students that will be in attendance for sponsor night. DO NOT INCLUDE students that are scheduled as game crew. Share the list with Howard and Havermann
  • Make sure all equipment is charged for tonight's game
    • headset batteries
    • camera batteries
    • Osmo batteries
    • iPod touches
    • iPad
Social Media: Joe, Peyton
  • Select one person from each hour to post a poll OR trivia question this week.
  • Review this week's athletic calendar for promo opportunities (home, away, and all grade levels) with the class

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Friday, January 19

  1. Twitter Analytics Update from Joe and Landon
  2. Game Day Run Through with Crew - Chayton, Schuele, Zellak, Charlie, Drake, Charlie B.
  3. Next Week Event Sign-Ups (3rd hour only)
  4. Monday - sub expectations, game day run through 
  5. Intern Assignments for Next Week

Game Production Supervisor: Seth
Game Production Assistant: Carly
Social Media Coordinator: Peyton
Social Media Assistant: Joe
Logistics Coordinator: Landon
Logistics Assistant: Cody

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Wednesday, January 17th

  1. White Board Meeting
  2. In-Game Contests
    1. Kage's Research
    2. FH Sponsors with Contest Rights
  3. Sports 3 Assignments


  • Twitter Analytics Update on Friday, January 19th from Joe and Landon
  • Congratulations to the following who have at least 3 sponsor promos:


  • Game Prep
    • Batteries Charged
    • IPod touch Charged
    • Memory cards ready to go
  • Missing Commercials
    • Liberty Hospital
    • Smoothie King
    • Anyone else?


  • Thursday and Friday Scripts
  • Game Day Job Assignments
  • Run Through on Thursday and Friday with entire class

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

GAME PRODUCTION (Leaders: Donnie and Josh)

  • Game Day Checklist
  • Assign game production supervisor and assistant for Stessman tournament
SOCIAL MEDIA (Leaders: Joe and Landon)

  • HyVee Game of the Week Voting
  • Stessman Tourney Promotion - delegate to sports 2

LOGISTICS (Leaders: Cody and Ian)

  • walk up songs 
  • train Michael on Osmo

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Thursday, January 4

  • Write game scripts for wrestling on 1/9 by 1/5
  • Determine how 25 shirts will be given away at wrestling on 1/9 by 1/5
  • Upload wrestling headshots to Show Control by 1/5
  • Upload wrestling walk-up songs to tricaster by 1/5
  • Fill out white board with weekly projects and ongoing projects TODAY
  • Update web site by 1/5
  • Social Media Overview 
  • Look at scheduling tweets
  • Create 4 graphics to promote wrestling on 1/9 (one for each day including today)
  • Create 4 graphics to promote swim on 1/9 (one for each day including today)
  • 4th hour Sports 3 meeting (evaluations) complete by 1/5
  • Nixon memorial presentation

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Wednesday, January 3

Read the article linked above titled The Complete Guide to Twitter Marketing. Then, answer these 5 questions regarding our Twitter account with your team. Be ready to discuss in 20 minutes.

1. What are the main purposes and/or goals of the LHS Sports Marketing twitter account?
2. What is the key to creating a quality following on Twitter?
3. How can we make tweets more conversational?
4. Is it possible to plan ahead or even schedule tweets moving forward? Explain why or why not.
5. Based on your answer to Question 1, what are some statistics or metrics we might want to measure to see if our Twitter presence is helping us reach our organizational goals?

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Friday, December 15

  • 4TH: Sports 3 Evaluations
  • 3RD: Worked Event Calendar Holes
  • SOMEONE: Charge the Canon batteries, headset batteries, and Osmo batteries!!!!!!!!!!!
  • IAN/PRECIOUS - Create sponsor scroll button on show control
  • SWIM & WRESTLING TEAMS - Complete graphics and promotions for January 9th events
    • Minsky's at Swim
    • Staffmark at Wrestling
  • GAME CREW - Game Day Walk Through with Game Day Supervisor/Assistant
  • EVERYONE - Sponsorship Packages
  • EVERYONE - 6 December Sponsor Promos due on Finals Day