Thursday, November 9, 2017

Thursday, November 9


-Update the 2017-18 PA Reads document for your sponsor. If your sponsor is keeping the same read as last season, please add them to the list and indicate "no changes" for Mr. Winkler.
-Communicate with your sponsor that their PA read for this season has been confirmed. If you made changes, make sure they know that. If it stayed the same, make sure they know that. Mr. Winkler will begin recording the PA's next week.
-Get your 2 weekly sponsor promos done

-Find 1 or 2 artifacts from the fall season that you can use in your portfolio. Start a document or even a portfolio using blogger to keep track of them.

-Vote on first round positions for the executive board

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Wednesday, November 8

Kauffman Reflection
First Year Sports 2 - Write a paragraph response to 2 of the 5 questions below. This means you're turning in 2 paragraphs; one for each question. 
Second Year Sports 2 - How can we improve our game scripts to better prepare and execute game day production? Write a paragraph response to this question and for 1 of the 5 questions below.
  1. What experience are you getting in customer service and sales NOW that you could put on a resume for the Royals ticket sales department?
  2. Why do we write game scripts?
  3. What similarities did you hear/see between Royals and LHS game day preparation and execution?
  4. What skills did Matt, Adam and Nikki mention are helpful to have if you want to work in sports that you could be polishing in sports marketing class now?
  5. Matt mentioned that the entire Royals organization has 7 people on the marketing staff; one graphic designer and two people run all of their social media. What can you take from this information?
Name the Google Doc "LAST NAME - KAUFFMAN REFLECTION" and share it with and

Marketing Portfolio 
You are required to create an online portfolio of marketing artifacts that showcase what you've learned and created in this class. Today, review the portfolio rubric and begin a list of artifacts from fall sports that you could potentially include. There are a couple samples linked below to give you a visual idea of what the final product will look like: 

Monday, November 6, 2017

Monday, November 6

Kauffman Stadium Pre-Visit Research

Answer the 7 research questions about the Royals, Kauffman Stadium and sponsorships in preparation for our trip to Kauffman tomorrow. We will review together at the end of class.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Thursday, October 26



  • Add your name and size to the t-shirt order form
  • Finish your sponsor emails 
    • copy Havermann and Howard on the email
    • see Monday's blog post for specifics on what to include in the email
  • Get your 2 sponsor promos done for the week
SOCCER REPS (Carly, Cody, Brock(
  • Promote today's playoff game on all 3 social media outlets
  • Get leaderships and other groups to RT and share your promos
  • Assign someone on your team to find out results of the game and share on twitter
PEP RALLY TEAM (Megan, Grey, Declan)
  • Get permission from your 3rd hour teachers to miss class on Friday to set up cameras and video board for pep rally in the field house. It has been moved indoors. 
FRIDAY GAME CREW (Seth, Bri, Megan)
  • Check your email. I sent you 2 messages regarding script updates that need to happen today. Email me if you have questions.
RISE AWARDS (Ethan, Grey and Precious)
  • Get together regarding Academy Sports gift card. When and how do we purchase that card?
  • Randomly choose 3 students from the leaderboard top 10 to award full candy bars. Find them during lunch or LH, tell them they were randomly selected as a RISE member to win a prize and take their picture to use on social media promoting the RISE app. Candy bars are in my bottom left desk drawer.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Wednesday, October 25


Please add your name and t-shirt size to this document for our staff shirt order.

Tuesday, October 24


  • Today's Events: Soccer and Swim
  • Swope Park Rangers Visit Tomorrow
  • Check Weekly Projects and Events Board for individual and team assignments
  • Friday Game Script - Bri, Megan, Seth
  • Sponsor Email -- see yesterday's post for email requirements
  • 2 sponsor promotions