Monday, February 27, 2017

Monday, February 27


  • RISE Homepage Approval
  • Sign up for Class 2 Quarterfinals 
  • Winter Sports Personal Reflections - due TODAY
    • Score yourself for the winter sports season on each of the 4 categories from the Evaluation Rubric: Sponsor Interaction, Event Participation, Professionalism, Use of Class Time.
    • Describe evidence that supports the score you have given yourself on each of the 4 categories (task lists, promo tracking, # of worked events, sponsor emails, projects)
  • Spring Sports Promotion Meeting - due THURSDAY
    • Come up with a project to promote spring sports in teams of 3-4
    • Prepare a 1-2 minute presentation on your project for Friday's meeting
    • Follow the Spring Sports Project Guidelines to develop your project & presentation.
    • Example: Seth, Carly, Precious and Clayton are leading the Spring Sports Photo Shoot project with Coach Schneider. 
  • This Week At-A-Glance
    • Monday: Winter Sports Reflection
    • Tuesday-Thursday: Spring Project Research & Presentation Prep, Evaluation Meetings with Mrs. Havermann or Coach Schneider
    • Friday: Spring Sports Promotion Meeting

Monday, February 13, 2017

Monday & Tuesday, February 13-14

Big week! Here's what we've got:

Girls Game Tonight 2/13: Nathaniel, Joe, Peyton, Ryan, Josh

  • Need Script -- Determine halftime and end of 3rd quarter contest, script sponsor commercials for 1-minute timeouts.
  • Assign Roles
  • Run through introduction and in-game contests

Guys Game Tomorrow 2/14: ??

  • Sign up to work!
  • Need Script -- Sapphires perform at half, determine halftime and end of 3rd quarter contest, script sponsor commercials for 1-minute timeouts.
  • Assign Roles
  • Run through introduction and in-game contests

Wrestling State Sendoff 2/15: Jeremiah Reno, Zane Shaddox, Grayden Penner

  • Make a large painted banner to hang in the commons - due end of class on 2/13
  • Create social media graphic and share it with leadership and athletics - due 2/14
  • Write a PA announcement for Mrs. Middleton to read during the school day when they leave for state on Wednesday evening - due 2/14
Team Leaders -- Please share your January promos with me on 2/13. I have TEAM and Harambe's.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Wednesday, February 8

TEAM - upload 3 pick-a-bluejay videos to the tricaster for Friday's games
VETS - contact Braylin Stevens to find out what we can do to help with the Special Olympics game at halftime on Friday.
PEYTON - See me.
COBRAS - figure out Spencer Financial commercial
GOLDBERGS - contact CC and confirm all items that I emailed to you today

EVERYONE - sign up for Friday's games and write game scripts

Thursday, February 2, 2017


Check your email for feedback on your sponsor communication email from yesterday.
Be ready to sign up for sponsor recognition night responsibilities.

Nathaniel - Truman rosters on Scorebook Live.
Carly, Ian, Joe - Courtwarming buttons on show control
Landon - Osmo video of courtwarming decorations
Seth - finish video
Josh, Cam - tweet for Crosstown Showdown
Clayton - mascot costume

Friday night game script
Research sponsorship change at the K (bye bye A-B, hello Boulevard)

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Wednesday, February 1st

Send Mrs. H a rough draft email for all of the sponsors you are assigned. The email should include:

  • Greeting/Introduction
  • Mention of the rescheduled sponsor night this Friday, February 3.
  • Screenshot of the best social media promo you did for their company in January. 
  • Thank them for sponsoring Blue Jay Nation
  • Signature with your email address
Here is an EXAMPLE, not a template or script: